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Alex Dema:

Lead Clinician, Speed School
Associate Director, Soccer Athletic Development

Micki McQuide: 

Assistant coach, Speed School
Lead coach, Youth Speed, Explosion, and Agility 

Speed Training

Get faster, quicker, and explosive!

Speed is a game changer: a combination of acceleration, power, speed, and technique. A quality speed training program develops each component to make you faster. 

You can improve speed by: 

  • consistent and precise measurement
  • correct techniques
  • sprint drills and workouts done at or near game speed

Developing speed has two basic elements: 

Speed training - sprinting technique, relaxation, and power
Speed endurance - fine tuning speed and power while developing aerobic capacity

To be fast, you have to train fast!

The Top Flight speed training system times each sprint in a workout to dramatically improve performance. Testing during each training session informs the athlete as to exactly what they need to improve on to be faster or quicker next time. 

You improve what you measure!
The end result is a faster, quicker, and more confident athlete. 


Our training is custom-built for every sport based on championship drills and curriculum developed by elite level coaches. Many of our drills emphasize skills that transfer well from one sport to another.

Services offered:

Sport specific speed, explosion, and agility training
Long and triple jump training
Individual and team program design
Athletic assessment and evaluation

Our experienced staff can assess and evaluate one athlete or a whole athletic program, pinpointing strengths and weaknesses along with creating a developmental program to maintain and expand strengths and rapidly transform areas of weakness.

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