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High, Long, and Triple Jump Training

High, Long, and Triple Jump Training

Perform to potential through skill and athletic development for the high, long, and triple jumps. Our training has helped numerous athletes at the middle and high school levels. 

Jumps School: Triple Jump June 2023

Registration link for the Jumps School: Triple Jump session in West Allis.

Jumps School: Long Jump June 2023

Registration for the Jumps School: Long Jump session in West Allis.

Baseball and Softball Sports Performance Training

Top Flight offers baseball specific speed, explosion, and agility training for middle and high school athletes.  

Our baseball sports performance enhancement camps develop players' throwing velocity, hitting power and exit velocity, speed (30 m fly--home to first distance), as well as upper and lower body explosiveness. We use Zepp sensors to measure hitting metrics and Freelap timing sensors for speed metrics. 

0.2 s in the 60 yard dash is worth $10,000 or more in scholarship money. College programs are looking for five tool players; how fast is your fast? 


Golf Sports Performance Enhancement Training

Golf Sports Performance Enhancement Training 

Add valuable yards to every shot
Our golf-specific training is designed to increase rotational power which translates to added distance, and stroke efficiency, as well as flexibility and mobility.

Swing consistently for low scores
As any golfer knows, consistency is everything.  Our training techniques focus on improving stability, balance and flexibility which is the foundation of reproducing a consistent swing over and over again.

Feel as strong on the 18th hole as you did on the 1st
Golf is a game of power but also endurance which demands strength and stamina on every single hole. Our golf-specific sports performance enhancement training builds muscular endurance.  

Reduce likelihood of injury
Our training promotes injury prevention.